Stûv 6

Boasting a wide view of the fire and compact frame, the Stûv 6 wood-burning insert can be installed in most chimneys easily, to breathe new life into your hearth. It is available in two sizes: 76cm or 86cm wide.

RRP: from $6,390

The secret is in the name

Stûv 6 is named after the characteristic shape of its inside profile. Stûv’s designers have strived to achieve the most effective shape for the natural circulation of air. The shape of the numeral six has disguised the complexity of the technical design.

Built to last and perform

The combustion chamber is made of cast iron, which offers a high level of heat resistance while maximising performance. Shock resistant and able to withstand the test of time, cast iron makes it possible to create sophisticated shapes that directly benefit technical solutions.

“Gérard Pitance perfected the design for Stûv’s first wood burning stove through research, inspiration, evaluation and then re-evaluation, demonstrating resolve and persistence. To this day he remains an inspiring, hands-on leader of the fireplace industry.”

Simon Guyon
Oblica Director

A marriage of efficiency and elegance

Stûv’s patented technology guarantees efficient combustion. The heating power can be adjusted within a wide range, simply by changing the amount of air that comes in.

Compared to an open fire, the Stûv 6 consumes 7 times less wood and emits 125 times fewer fine particles, while increasing heating efficiency by up to 65 per cent.

Innovative features

The air required for combustion can be taken either from the room via the front of the stove, or via an external air inlet underneath or behind the stove (optional).

The air inlet, the combustion chamber and the smoke duct form an airtight system that does not disrupt your home’s insulation or ventilation.

Hot air flows along the glass to keep it cleaner, while also boosting performance.

Secondary air burns the residual gases via post-combustion and guarantees efficient, complete combustion of gas and particles. The products of combustion are then removed via the chimney flue.

The door opening mechanism is located in a cold zone underneath the device, so you don’t need a glove to open the door when reloading the fire. When the technical elements disappear, you can focus on the flames.

Why Stûv 6?

Easy install

The Stûv 6 is really easy to install thanks to its outer casing, which allows you to easily connect the stove to the flue and air inlet. Once the connections have been fixed, the stove slides in and is sealed within the support casing.

Integrated convection

The unit heats your home by drawing air through the front to warm it up, and releasing it through the upper frame. There’s no need to fit grilles or ducts to channel the air, however ducted convection is possible as an option.

Environmental performance

With its high level of efficiency and incredibly low fine particle emissions, the Stûv 6 is way ahead of Australian emissions standards. Replacing your old insert with a Stûv 6 will save half the amount of wood and produce 25 times less pollution.