Stûv 16

With clean lines showcasing the flames to perfection and ultra-enhanced combustion technology guaranteeing performance, Stûv 16 is a brilliant and beautiful fireplace for every home. Available in 3 configuration and easy to install.

RRP: from $8,790

Clean lines and amazing performance

Stûv 16 showcases the spectacle of flames through its refined design. This Stûv model is a modern wood stove with a large opening that distributes heat in abundance.

Fire in its purest form with automatic control

The combustion design of the Stûv 16 optimises efficiency while reducing its environmental impact. A single damper control adjusts the 3 air supplies helping you regulate the heat output and optimise the combustion of the wood to reduce the production of ash.

“Today, fire continues to play an essential role. At home or at the cottage, whether it is to keep warm, celebrate or simply to take a break and recover, fire remains a central unifying element around which we like to gather..”

Gerard Pitance
Stûv Founder

Timeless elegance

With their perfectly straight lines, Stûv 16 woodstoves are timeless and suitable for every style. Stûv goes to great lengths to conceal the features of its appliances, providing minimal distractions and a breathtaking view of the fire.

Innovative features

The heat is returned to the room through an opening located between the combustion chamber and the Stûv 16 envelope. No fan is required since convection is by natural gravity.

Adhering to passive house design principles, an opening under the Stûv 16 is specially designed to connect an outside air intake directly to the combustion chamber. The fire then takes oxygen from outside the house to ensure optimal combustion.

A mobile smoke deflector opens and closes with the door on the Stûv 16. When the door is open it allows the smoke to escape, avoiding backflow into the room. When the door is closed, the deflector prevents smoke from being exhausted too quickly so that a second combustion of gases can occur.

A small spring is positioned at the bottom of the Stûv 16 door to ensure it closes when released. When partially closed, the door creates a blowing effect on the flames to help light the fire, and prevents sparks or embers from falling to the ground.

The hinged door of the Stûv 16 has two hooks to ensure its solidity and make the combustion chamber airtight.

Why Stûv 16?

Easy install

The Stûv 16 is really easy to install thanks to its outer casing, which allows you to easily connect the stove to the flue and air inlet. Once the connections have been fixed, the stove slides in and is sealed within the support casing.

Low emissions

The combustion design of the Stûv 16 optimises efficiency while reducing the fireplace’s environmental impact.

Modular base & accessories

Available in a wide range of colours, the clever and stylish modular base contains concealed storage drawers. Additional bases can be added to create a low entertainment unit. To complete the look, add the matching log storage unit.