Designed in Belgium, adapted for Australia.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Stûv has been expertly blending modern technology with the traditional art of fabricating fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. The company hails from Belgium, a corner of the world with a proud industrial past and an aesthetic that is perfectly suited to Australian conditions.

A balance between aesthetics and quality

Stûv has always paid particular attention to the functional aspects of its products. Many of the company’s innovations have become benchmarks that set industry standards. Today, Stûv continues to search for new solutions to tomorrow’s heating systems.

 Stûv does not create products for the sole purpose of generating profit. The company’s prosperity comes from its ability to create stoves and fireplaces that simply work for the people who use them, on every level.

Combining the pleasure of a fire, timeless design and efficient heating

Stûv was born in 1983, when two men, Gérard Pitance (a professional designer) and Benoît Lafontaine, joined forces to develop and produce a distinctive wood stove – the Stûv 60 – designed by Gérard Pitance. In the beginning, the company simply designed the units. Their capital was creativity and motivation. Gradually, the company began specialising in wood heating, which allowed Stûv to grow exponentially.

“Innovation is a complex process that involves, to varying degrees, all the business lines of a company. The formal coherence of the product, for which the designer is the guarantor, is a reflection of the team’s cohesion.”

Gérard Pitance
Industrial designer
and founder of Stûv

Passive House ready

Adhering to passive house design principles, an opening under the Stûv 16 is specially designed to connect an outside air intake directly to the combustion chamber. The fire then takes oxygen from outside the house to ensure optimal combustion.

Award winning innovation

The quality and aesthetic beauty of Stûv appliances have been recognised by several awards.

  • Interior Courtrai Award 1982 for the Stûv 60
  • Batimat Design Award 2003, Paris
  • Company of the year 2006, Ernst & Young
  • Gazelle namuroise de Trends-Tendance Award 2008 et 2010
  • Vesta Award 2015, Wood Product for the Stûv 30-compact H
  • Red Dot Design Award 2016, Product Design for the Stûv P10
  • Hearth & Home UK 2019 Award, Wood Log and Multi Fuel Appliance up to 5 kW rated output for the Stûv 6
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