Stûv 21 Single Sided

With a unique retractable glass door and frameless installation, the Stûv 21 Single Sided makes the divide between you and the ever-changing flame invisible.

RRP: from $9,800

A perfect pairing of architecture and fire

The Stûv 21 Single Sided wood fireplace is designed to blend into your decor, so that the fire becomes the focus. This contemporary designer fireplace also features a retractable window that can be raised or lowered for an open or closed fire.

A maximum view of the flames

The Stûv 21 Single Sided fireplace has a frameless guillotine glass window. With no frame, there is nothing to distract your view of the fire.

“In developing Stûv 21, I wanted to consolidate our lead with other innovations such as a retractable tilting overhead door, a fully or partially retractable door and whose lower part would be frameless. Stûv 21s were also the first wood fireplaces on which it was possible to graft transport handles, for the comfort of the installers.”

Gerard Pitance
Industrial Designer
and Founder of Stûv

Warm and atmospheric

Due to its very large combustion chamber, the Stûv 21 Single Sided fireplace offers abundant warmth and atmosphere at all times.

Single-sided models

W: 770mm / H: 615mm
Heat output: 15KW
Max log size 60cm
W: 870mm / H: 400mm
Heat output: 19KW
Max log size 80cm
W: 1070mm / H: 535mm
Heat output: 21KW
Max log size 100cm
W: 1170mm / H: 400mm
Heat output: 20KW
Max log size 100cm

Innovative features

The Stûv 21 Single Sided convection system consists of two room air inlets and two hot air outlets. In combination they temper the combustion chamber and release heat into the room.

Once the window has been fully lowered, the door can be tilted forward to facilitate cleaning of the glass and to ensure future maintenance of the seals and other components of the Stûv 21 Single Sided.

The slides for raising or lowering the glass of the Stûv 21 Single Sided are placed in the door frame for easy access during maintenance. The impeccable finish means that they are invisible when the fireplace door is raised.

The cables and pulleys of the Stûv 21 Single Sided, although hidden, are accessible to allow future maintenance without having to remove the perimeter and finish.

The shallow combustion chamber of the Stûv 21 Single Sided means that it is used to the maximum of its capacity, resulting in a spectacular fire.

Why Stûv 21 Single Sided?

Multiple frame options

The many frames and front panels of Stûv 21 Single Sided wood fireplaces have been designed to hide the finishing materials, provide a minimalist design, and contribute to the beauty of your home’s decor.

Multiple colour choices

A range of over 20 colour shades has been carefully selected for their classic and timeless quality. StûvGrey – the iconic colour of Stûv appliances – is a distinctive shade created especially for the brand.

Freestanding cladding available

Purpose-designed cladding allows you to integrate your Stûv 21 Single Sided wood fireplace into your home without the need for any work to your masonry or framing.