Stûv 30

Stûv 30 is a revolution in fireplace design. Its patented three-door system and three heating functions, combined with the optional invisible swivel base, ensure maximum enjoyment of your fire.

RRP: $11,300

Flexibility like never before

The Stûv 30 is a free standing wood stove that offers multiple variations: open or closed fire, efficient heating, a great view of the fire, 360° rotation and even the option to enjoy a year-round BBQ.

Three doors, three operating modes

Stûv 30 wood stoves have three doors that correspond to three operating modes. The open fire mode beckons people to gather around. The closed fire mode with glass door magnifies the flames and warms the atmosphere. The closed fire – full door mode envelops the house in comforting warmth.

“Whenever a designer starts to work, he tries to create an object that is as perfect as possible, both aesthetically and practically.”

Gerard Pitance
Industrial Designer
and Founder of Stûv



360° rotation

The Stûv 30 has a minimalist design, and with the optional invisible swivel base it can also be rotated through 360° to face any direction you desire.

Versatility and efficiency

Stûv 30 wood stoves provide a perfect balance between pleasure and performance. Spectacular heating that you can adapt to suit your home and your comfort at will.

Innovative features

The mobile deflector of the Stûv 30 opens and closes when the door is rotated to change the operating mode. When the door is in “open fire mode” or when the Stûv 30 is rotating, the deflector opens and allows the smoke to escape, avoiding backflow into the room. When the drum is stopped on the glass door or on the solid door, the deflector closes again to prevent smoke from being exhausted too quickly so that a second combustion of gases can occur.

The Stûv 30 has a built-in ash trap, which can be emptied intermittently. A bed of ash left in the combustion chamber is actually beneficial, as it will help insulate the chamber and sole plate from the fierce heat of combustion.

The double-walled facings at the back of the Stûv 30 release heat into the room while also acting as insulation. They make it possible to install the Stûv 30 only twenty centimetres from any combustible material.

The Stûv 30 has the ability to rotate up to 360° with the addition of the optional swivel base. The rotation is determined by it’s location in the room, and can be adjusted by 15° increments.

This connector located under the Stûv 30 allows air to be connected directly from the outside of the house to the combustion chamber. A silicone seal completes the connector, making the installation airtight.

Stûv 30 accessories

Barbecue grill

Food cooks by radiant heat without touching the flames. The cooking juices are collected in the stainless steel tray, and the odours are drawn up through the chimney.

Mobile log rack

The mobile log rack, available in two sizes, is the ideal solution for storing wood. It moves easily thanks to its silicone wheels.


This small mobile box is not only easy to handle, but it also has integrated storage for firewood, matches and fire starters.