The essential fire

Welcome to the world of Stûv, where efficient heating goes hand in hand with the pleasure of fire in a unique combination of function and form.


Wood stoves

Installed in a corner, along a wall or in the centre of a room, Stûv wood stoves are designed to offer maximum efficiency and pleasure.

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Inbuilt fireplaces

To replace an old built-in appliance or to integrate a fireplace in a new construction, Stûv wood burning inserts and fireplaces are perfectly designed to meet all of your needs.

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Combining the pleasure of a fire, timeless design and efficient heating

We believe that the functional qualities of a product should never be sacrificed to aesthetics. The fundamental beauty of a Stûv fireplace is the result of our quest to improve the performance of our products, not a goal in itself.

Born in Belgium, adapted for Australia

Stûv was born in 1983, when industrial designers Gérard Pitance and Benoît Lafontaine joined forces to develop and produce unique wood stoves and fireplaces. For Stûv, innovation is a complex process that must be embraced by everyone in the company. The formal coherence of the product, for which the designer is the guarantor, is a reflection of the team’s cohesion.

Why Choose Stûv?

Lasting Value

Lasting Value

Since its creation, Stûv has offered you an unparalleled contemporary vision of auxiliary heating. Minimalist design without compromising on quality and efficiency makes the Stûv signature a guarantee of performance and beauty.

The Pleasure of Use

The Pleasure of Use

Stûv pays particular attention to the functional aspects of every appliance it produces. From the manufacturing craftsman and the specialist installer to the homeowner, everyone who interacts with a Stûv product will find the experience simple and pleasurable.

Respect of the Environment

Respect of the Environment

Stûv is committed to the idea that renewable biomass can play an important role in overcoming the environmental challenges of the future, and so constantly invests in research and development to improve the combustion principles of its fireplaces.

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